Welcome to the Church of Drone

The Drone is not a tangible thing. It's identity is far more compelling and perplexing than anything that can be heard or felt. When the headphones come off or the record stops The Drone drifts off of the media and lingers in the environment. It surfaces in everyday life: the distant sounds of street traffic, the buzz of a refrigerator, the lapping of water against a wooden dock. The dictionary speaks of The Drone as a "monotonous" tone, a "dull" and boring thing. In actuality, the tonal nature of The Drone has an hypnotic and beautiful existence that only exposes itself to the most patient of listeners. Only after constant immersion does The Drone reveal itself not only as a musical form but also as a way of life, and if you let it, it can grip you and spin you around and lead you down a path... And I'll stop there before I start talking about the healing power of crystals. Anyways, read on if you are at all intrigued.

On this blog you will find updates on the music project 'empress' and a weekly installment of reviewed experimental, electronic, found sound, or field recording releases (Probably only one or two reviews per week and not always current material) that have drone-y elements or somehow fit into my definition of good drone music. If you are looking for all encompassing reviews of what's fresh and new out there then look elsewhere because I will only post the strange and rare musical oddities I come across. And at the rate of one record per week don't expect me to fulfill your need to become the knowledgeable music guru you strive to be.
I simply don't have time to review the vast scope of albums that come out every week, nor do I work at a record store, yet. However, fear not for I will post some links that will surely help you out. Along with this I will also post photographs, videos and other (hopefully) interesting things. I encourage anyone who wants to get in touch to contact me. Thanks.

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