Collapsing Lung, Ejaculation Death Rattle, Nocturnal Puddle Reflections @ The Western Front 11/14/08

The Western Front is on East 8th Avenue and it faces south.

Has it already been a week since this show? time does fly by. I was expecting to see a lot more recognizable faces last Saturday but the only ones I did recognize were those of the performers. So, if you were thinking about going to this show but had something better to do that night, maybe this post can provide you with the illusion that you were in two places at once.

Nocturnal Puddle Reflections

I've decided to start with the headliners first and work my way backwards, because if the world revolved around me, that's how the night would have unfolded. In actuality, the world would more likely revolve around the ten (nine? eleven?) members of this meandering free-jazz outfit as a direct result of their combined mass and gravity and...ya. Unfortunately, as the night progressed I kept wanting to hear things become less maximal. I guess that's why I've decided to go backwards.

First off, super groups aren't usually my thing. I will, however, admit that these guys are creative. There set was equipped with extended free form compositions, more structured musical scores and they even did a piece in honour of the UFC match that was on that night, where the performers play fought musical jabs as they mingled about the stage like busy ants; a weird improv comedy jam that managed to suck out a few laughs from the "polite" crowd.

Ejaculation Death Rattle

This was the third time I was going to see EDR live. The first was at Vivo during the noise fest earlier in the year and the second was a Fake Jazz event. This is another big band, they had 7 members that night and I think they had closer to 10 at the Fake Jazz thing, although my memory is hazy. With some interesting acoustic and electronic noise dabbling they pretty much met my expectations. I think these guys have a lot of potential and they play weird instruments. One of them clips what I think are pick-up mics into his mouth that are then fed through a computer where he manipulates the sounds from his mouth. Nice set, although I wish they would have stretched out some of the more ethereal moments, but that complaint has been tattooed to my tongue and doesn't mean much anymore.

My favourite photo of the evening

EDR Live @ WF

Collapsing Lung

My favourite set of the eve. Stephen Lyons (Fond of Tigers) on guitar+ish and Lee Hutzulak (Dixie's Death Pool, and solo releases) on Califone record player ala scrap yard tinkery. Stephen was going nuts at times agitating his guitar with an array of things in the same vain as sprockets and gizmos and at other times simply running his hands up and down the fret board in a manic deranged-robot-seizure kind of way. I liked it. The highlight of the night though must have been when Lee dragged a small piece of wood along the surface of a spinning record. The sound traveling through the Califone and out the amps was indescribable. I won't even try. Good set. Insert tattooed complaint and good night.



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