2008 Rewind Part One

There are still three weeks left in the year and I feel a little disappointed in doing the review so soon. My reason in doing so is that I've cut myself off from the record world for the rest of the year due to financial strain. Fortunately, the drone Gods were kind enough to shower fantastic releases on us all year long and I managed to get almost everything in the way of good drone. Alright, I know that's laughable, of course I didn't get it all, not even close. And I'm sure there were albums released this year that would have probably breached my top 5 that I will never know of. There is just way too much out there. Although, with that said it was still an exceptional year for me. This is the first time I've had to actually narrow down my year end list to something tangible. So many good albums. Here are the ones that really struck me.

Gas "Nah Und Fern" 4cd box (Kompakt)
Brilliant perpetual ambient and minimal techno by Wolfgang Voigt.

Andrew Chalk "Time of Hayfield" (Faraway Press)
Another stellar slab of manipulated piano and ethereal drone by Chalk.
Material reworked from the Goldfall sessions.

Vikki Jackman "Whispering Pages" (Faraway Press)
The second album from this queen of the pixelated piano smear.

Ferial Confine "First, Second, Third Drop" (Siren Records)
Early tactile drone project of Andrew Chalk.
The sounds of bowed metal and junkyard scrapings filtered through
Chalks delicate and precise palette.

Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker "Fantasma Parastasie"
I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner considering
these guys live in the same city. Regardless,
it was worth the wait.

Ian Halloway "A Lonely Place" (Quiet World)
A single Thomas Koner like drone piece. Long and dark.

Emeralds "Solar Bridge" (Hanson)
Ohio kids with guitars and synths. Short but sweet.

Grouper "Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill" (Type)
Liz Harris and her haunting voice and reverbed guitar wash.

Omake and Johnson "Headiferous Unctabulum" (Human Faculties)
Neo-junkyard-folk-tape-drone whateverness.
Whatever this is it's impressive.

Windy and Carl "Songs for the Broken Hearted" (Kranky)
Always a treat with a new Windy and Carl album.
A great example of what they do best.

Shit an Shine "Kuss Miche, Meine Leibe" (Load)
Looping guerilla noise greatness. "Kiss Me, My Love."

Omit "Intercepter" (Helen Scarsdale)
New Zealand isolationist music.

More highlights to come.


Jennifer Anne said...

I live with you, and to the best of my knowledge, have not heard at least half of these. Best of 2008 listening marathon? Or lendsies at least?

Mark E. Rich said...

good looking list! Very interested in that Vikki Jackman album. Sounds as Basinski-esque. Must. Have. NOW.

Ian Holloway sounds great, too.

Still haven't even heard the Baker/Hecker joint, still waiting for copies to come into Zulu...sometime this year, I hope.

The Emeralds is great, too. Apparently being pressed to wax next year. We'll see...

Where did you nab the Omake and Johnson? Packaging looks killer.

Also, I was THIS close to putting the Andrew Chalk on my Zulu list. Either way, it'll make my year end blog drone/ambient list. Beautiful stuff.

Nice pics.

Keep it coming

a d r i a n said...

Jim Haynes of Aquarius/Helen Scarsdale managed to track down the Omake. You may be able to get if you contact Aquarius or you can try the Human Faculties website. http://www.humanfaculties.com/.

Oh and ya, love the Vikki Jackman and Andrew Chalk, I'm working on a huge Chalk post so stay tuned.

Also, I have three copies of the Ian Holloway cd-r. Would you consider a trade? You know what I like so I'm sure you could dig out something appropriate.

Anonymous said...

hello a.d.r.i.a.n.
my thanks for placing me on your list in such illustrious company.

the releases by both andrew and vikki are stunning aren't they. many of the others have passed me by unfortunately. I get a load of stuff sent for my zine (Wonderful Wooden Reasons) but there's so much more that slips by.

Mark - if you do trade for it i hope you enjoy A Lonely Place.

wishing you a great xmas and best wishes for 2009.


a d r i a n said...

Thanks for reading. Yes, I've really enjoyed the music that I've heard from you thus far. And thanks a lot for the 3". That was a pleasant surprise.

Is there anyway I can get a hold of your Zine? I'de love to check it out. Or is it online?

Let me know.

Anonymous said...

hi adrian.
i hope you enjoy Mote.
the zine is online only now - it used to be paper but it got to be too expensive.
you can find it at www.wonderfulwoodenreasons.co.uk and at www.myspace.com/wonderfulwoodenreasons

Mark E. Rich said...

Yessum! Lets do a lil swapsies for the Ian Holloway. I'm sure I've got something just for you in my ever expanding stockpiles.

a d r i a n said...

sounds fine,
I'm sure I'll see you soon.
Until later.