2008 Rewind Part Two

As promised some more highlights...

Acre "Monolith" (Arbor)
Side long slab of 'monolithic' drooone

The Alps "III" (Type)
Sun-baked jams from this San Fran psych outfit

Eleh and Pauline Oliveros (Important)
Deep Low-end drone explorations
from the mysterious Eleh and composer Pauline Oliveros

Steve Hauschildt "Rapt for Liquid Minister" (Arbor)
1/3 of Emeralds lays it down on cassette

Jewelled Antler Library 4 disc box (Porter)
A collection of work from the JA Collective including
Loren Chasse, Tomes, Ivytree, Dead Raven Choir, Famous Boating Party,
Uton, Claypipe, Muons, Thuja, Fursaxa, Kemialliset Ystavat, and
The Ways of God to Man

Various Artists, A Cleansing Ascension (Elevator Bath)
Matt Shoemaker, Adam Pacione, Jim Haynes, Keith Berry,
Rick Reed, Dale Lloyd, Colin Andrew Sheffield, Francisco Lopez,
James Eck Rippie, Tom Recchion

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