faraway press . part three

Vikki Jackman "Of Beauty Reminiscing"
cd, lp, FP09
limited to 150 signed copies

The first solo endeavor of Jackman's. A fine example of Arvo Part or Satie-like minimal piano left to ring out in an endless void then smeared at the hands of Andrew Chalk. Of Beauty Reminiscing is a collaboration really, not much unlike Goldfall, but Jackman's patience at the helm of the keys is more evident with this release under her own name. A great late night drift. And if anyone sees the lp anywhere at a reasonable price let me know.

Marsfield "The Innocents"
cd FP10
Delayed forthcoming release. That's all I know.

Andrew Chalk and
Daisuke Suzuki "The Days After"
cd FP11

For some reason the duo decided not to release this under their Ghosts on Water guise. Maybe it's because they decided to mingle in slightly different territory, bringing the field recording aspect higher into the mix and incorporating some plucked strings. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't a folk record or anything, it's still drenched in the drone.

Ghost on Water "Untitled" cd ep FP12

Joined by Naoko Suzuki's vocals, Chalk and Daisuke deliver us a short offering of sparse keyboards, plucked strings and delicate drone.

Andrew Chalk "Time of Hayfield" cd FP13

The newest Chalk album released early in the year is a stellar collection of ambient drone pieces taken from material recorded during the Goldfall sessions. Doesn't feel at all like B sides or excess material.

Vikki Jackman plays electric piano on 'Seven Suns'.

Vikki Jackman "Whispering Pages" cd FP14

Green version limited to 50 copies

Second offering by Vikki Jackman on Faraway Press. This time around her and Chalk layer some Fennesz/Hecker-like pixelation atop the sparse drones and minimal piano plucking. A very beautiful album from this cat loving woman of mystery.

That's all for the Faraway Press releases thus far. Let's hope that there will be a lot more to come.

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