Three By Three (Organum, Adam Pacione, M.B.)

Organum - Die Hennen Zahne
(Die Stadt DS57/DS66)

As some have lost interest in Organum over the years, possibly due to the more ambient styling of Jackman's most recent work, it's important to note that few musicians have pumped out years-worth of albums with such scrupulous vehemence as David Jackman has. This three inch lies on the cusp of the new direction in sound (As mentioned above) and contains a worthy slice of crafted metal scrapings and abrasive drone. Released just before the "Eucharistic" trilogy.

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Adam Pacione "A Still Life"
(Infraction 022)

Included in the first 200 copies of Pacione's 2007 release "From Stills to Motion" this disc contains a 16 minute work of lightly lapping drones and pulsating undertones. Very nice. You can also find a track of his on the very good Elevator Bath compilation released earlier this year.

A Still Life
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M.B. "Bacterie"
(Taâlem alm34)

Maurizio Bianchi has been in the game for a long time. Since the late 70's he has proved himself to be a true pioneer of industrial minimalist tactics making it a goal to "produce technological sounds to work for a full awareness of modern decadence." I strongly believe that the most beautiful music is made through the filters of decay and slow demise. Bacterie is a fine example of this and only a sliver of what Bianchi has done over the last 30 years.

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