Contour Lines "Lloft"

I've decided to share this song that I made a few months ago that I titled Lloft for some reason. I just acquired a 'loft' style bed frame for my room today so I figured it would be appropriate to post this song. Let it be known that after I finished making this song I listened to it non-stop for two days and then put it aside for two months. I've made a lot a music over the past 4 months but most of it has been left to steep. A lot of that music I plan to release in the near future on my Half Tapes label, which some of you might have noticed I have a blog for with no posts up yet. It too is steeping at the moment. I'll get the ball rolling on that really soon because really I don't know what else to do with my songs other than to throw them onto tapes and to make them available for people. I don't know if I will ever properly release this song as it doesn't seem to fit with the styles of any of my projects. As a result I've made up a band name that one day might turn into a real band, but as of now I am the sole member and this is the only song I've recorded as Contour Lines. Enjoy.

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