Garage Sale Tape Find - Pink Floyd "Relics/Meddle"

The rarest bootleg of them all. Only one of it's kind and I acquired it at a garage sale for 50 cents. I bet I could auction this puppy off on ebay for two bills at least. Seriously though, this super worn out copy of these classic Floyd albums that someone so artfully transferred to cassette is one of my prize musical possessions. The fact that they took the time to type out the tracklisting and album names--with a typewriter none the less--not only on the insert but also directly onto the stickers on the tape itself just warms my analog loving heart. Check out the third picture for a look at the crude and decayed plastic case. The sound quality is awful, the case is caked with dried glue, the labels are yellowing at the edges. A true "relic".

Both Meddle and Relics were released in 71', Relics being a compilation of tracks from the earlier psych-pop material (Piper at the Gates, Sauces full of Secrets, etc..) and Meddle maintaining some of that psych feel on tracks like San Tropez and Seamus but at the same time blowing minds with the epic prog-rockin jams of Fearless (Serious contender for my favourite Floyd track ever) and the side long masterpiece Echoes. Below are what the albums actually look like.


First lp reissue of Relics
Original sketch by drummer Nick Mason

Relics cd reissue

Speaking of 71'. I didn't even realize how many good albums came out that year until I stumbled upon this: peacedogman's cheap seats guide to 71' Unfortunately Meddle didn't make the cut, but you'll find Can, The Who, Zepplin, Sabbath, The Stones, Funkadelic, David Bowie, Comus, Alice Copper and a bunch more.

You should also check out this Pink Floyd related post from a few months back on the very excellent Expressway to My Skull blog crafted by my buddy Mark whose quaint and insightful posts put to shame most music blogs.

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