Ora - Morgendammerung 10" (Die Stadt, 2004)

Ora is the musical collective started by Andrew Chalk and Darren Tate. This album includes the skills of Colin Potter and was originally released as a cd-r entitled New Movements in G that is long out of print. Fortunately, Morgendammerung is the rebirth of that material presented in this beautiful 10". My guess is that this will probably be the last Ora record for a while as both of these artists are busy releasing music on their own terms, Chalk through his Faraway Press outfit and Tate, in off and on collaboration with Colin Potter, now releases under the guise Monos.

As with all the Die Stadt releases, this is exquisitely packaged in thick full-coloured cardboard, the record encased in a printed sleeve. Very nice.

As always, the music is very minimal and organic, like the sounds a worm might hear as he crawls through the dirt, distant and blurred field recordings, smeared loops and rustling leaves. A dark and mysterious listen but also oddly airy and light, a contrast that I always seem to discover in Chalk's work, I like to think of it as his musical signature, an effortless blending of black and white that I'm sure only sounds effortless to the listener's ears.

Thanks to Daisuke Suzuki and Lol Coxhill.
Photos by Darren Tate and Helen Potter.
Design by Jonathan Coleclough.
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Jennifer Anne said...

i love this one. i'll record it to computer really soon!