Eric Cordier 'Breizhiselad' (Erewhon, 2006)

In the spirit of Belong's 'Colorless Record' 12" that was recommended to me by Mark (See Expressway to my Skull), I decided to post this release from the French Sculptor, Performer and Sound Engineer Eric Cordier. I had this on back order for over a year at Aquarius and it finally came in two weeks ago. The folks at mail order had to ask if I still wanted it, which, of course I did. I don't normally quote other blogs but here is a nice little description of the Belong sound and that very limited 12" release via The Expressway.

"The duo [take] the static fuzz of Fennesz and Tim Hecker and the dreamy swarm of Kevin Shield's guitar, and refine[] it into a warm morphine wash that envelope[s] the listener's skull. This follow up takes that sound and piles it atop 4 semi-obscure psych-pop songs from the late 60s." -
Mark R.

While 'Colorless Record' is an ambient wash atop four songs, 'Breizhiselad' although having a similar feel at times, is actually a complete reworking of an old 78 of traditional French music from the Brittany region. Apparently, Cordier found this record "...to be horrible- but a work of genius. Horrible because of the catechism-like vocal arrangements but a work of genious in terms of the beauty of the melody and the conviction of the singers." (Linear notes by Cordier) With this said, he then extracted segments of this scuffed and battered record then looped and morphed them into extended soundscapes of electroacoustic bliss. The opening minutes introduce a choppy and tactile sound world but then slowly the music gains steam and smooths out weaving amongst field recordings of footsteps on a gravel path, reminding me of Loren Chasse's 'Footpath' series. Hauntingly dark and a very meditative listen.

(Link removed as per request from the artist)

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