Highlights from Little Mountain 02.07.09

A very successful evening of white noise bliss, scrapyard drone, violin experimentation and tape chants. Here are some photos courtesy of Steve Louie. If you've been to an 'indie' show in Vancouver in the last year you've probably seen this guy snapping away, getting right in the thick of it, guerrilla style. He definitely captured a few gems on this night even though the lighting didn't exactly make it easy. Check out Steve's photos here (He also has photos of the other performers from this night) Thanks for sending these my way Steve.

I want to thank Dan and Amir for manning some important metal pieces and helping to fill out the empress sound. For no rehearsal you guys killed it. Also, Kris Charlton, (Mr. Twee Death) you made this night possible, for that I thank you. And Sade Sade, Darwinsbitch and Greg Kowalsky all fantastic. I was honoured just to be around such illustrious company.

I am also pleased to announce that the recording input level problems of past performances was not a problem this time. I am very happy with how it turned out. Please listen and enjoy, download below...


Here is a sketch detail of some of the metal used in the performance. Drawn by Adrian Sinclair. Thanks buddy.

Chain links with two loops.

metal 'bow' spear
flat metal sheet with ridged border

The next show that empress will be playing is...tomorrow at Fake Jazz and maybe something at the end of February at Vivo, but it's not for sure yet. Come out to the Cobalt and have a beer with me.


Anonymous said...

great set, great to meet you.
Listen to empress' set people, it rocked! -gregg

Amanda said...

I wish I could have been there, alas I was cat sitting in North Vancouver. Come over sometime soon, ok?

avi said...

hey hey what kind of tape machine is that
keep up the great work


a d r i a n said...

It's a mono two track solid state tape recorder in a really cool compact 'lunchbox' format. My roommate lets me use it in my jams. She's nice like that.