My favourite Australian band played in Vancouver last Saturday and I had no idea! I totally slept on it and now I am kicking myself, hard. I have never felt so disappointed in missing a show as I do right now. Holy Fuck. Maybe if I drink enough I can forget that I even came about this information, just erase it from memory. I've fantasized about what it would be like seeing these guys in all there free wheelin' jazzed-up hypnotic extended jam glory, and I blew it, fuck.

I'll post some of there stuff soon, it's mind blowing.

Did anyone attend? tell me about it, any photos, audio, stories, a papertowel taken from the venue's bathroom, anything please.

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Anonymous said...

oh i feel sad for you!

Adrienne said...

adrian they were amazing. i closed my eyes and couldn't believe there were only 3 people playing music... eyes open.. wait, there's no flute player? and what, where's the synth?

miss you buddy