Michael Snow 'Wavelength' @ The Pacific Cinematheque

In conjunction with Isabelle Pauwel's video installations at Presentation House Gallery the Cinematheque will be presenting 2 films: Robert Altman's excellent slow paced psychodrama
3 Women and Michael Snow's Wavelength.

I knew nothing of
Wavelength before getting the low down through the Cinematheque (e)mail-out, but it's got me all believing in cinema again (don't over think that one). Though, since I haven't seen it yet and know nothing of Michael Snow I'll leave you with words from a website:

"Canadian master Michael Snow’s legendary structuralist classic is one of avant-garde cinema’s most celebrated and influential works — "The Birth of a Nation of underground films" (Manny Farber). The work consists of a single, continuous, 45-minute zoom shot across a room (the artist’s New York loft), set to a
steadily increasing sine wave of sound. There are several episodes of human "drama" and various structuralist elements (superimpositions, splicey jumps, variations in light, colour and film stock) disrupting things along the way. "Wavelength is without precedent in the purity of its confrontation with the essence of cinema: the relationships between illusion and fact, space and time, subject and object. It is the first post-Warhol, post-Minimal movie" (Gene Youngblood). 45 mins." (taken from The Cinematheque website)
*I know that I'm not quoting properly but I pawned my MLA handbook years ago....sorry.

Showtimes for
Monday, March 9 at 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 11 at 9:20pm

Showtimes for
3 Women,
Monday, March 9 at 8:00pm
Wednesday, March 11 at 7:00pm

Excerpt from

One of the Weirder scenes from
3 Women with the music sounding like something from Homotopy to Marie.

I recommend playing them together and turning your screen off.
Make it out if you can.

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Duck said...

I saw Wavelength, let's see, in 1980 or so. It's seriously intense. You have to stick with it, but it's worth it. And YouTube doesn't do it justice.