Oneohtrix Point Never - Ruined Lives

Oneohtrix Point Never Ruined Lives cassette on Young Tapes.



a d r i a n said...

Ode to The Cassette Tape Superstar

Mark E. Rich said...

Yes! Dude, seriously so into everything this cat has done so far. You peeped the Infinity Window Lp on Arbor yet? Dark synth drone masterwork. Frontrunner in the 2009 drone sweepstakes. Should have some copies dropping in the mail soon.

Also, did you rip this cassette yourself? Still seriously need the technology to do that shit at home.

a d r i a n said...

I've been listening to this tape non-stop. I gotta get my hands on that LP, and the Betrayed in the Octagon reissue (Out of print already!) You manage to scoop that?
If you're looking to off that Infinity Window release then make sure to save me one.

And ya I did rip it myself recording through my mixer into the edirol, sounds alright I think.

Mark E. Rich said...

Consider one IW LP set aside for you.
Didn't manage to get my hands on Betrayed. DNT might have some coming through...Someone else out there has to have that.