The Skull Defekts 'The Drone Drug' LP (Actual Noise, 2008)

Emerging from the noise trenches of Gothenburg and Stockholm The Skull Defekts have had a busy last couple of years churning out releases on all sorts of labels from around the globe, including Kning Disc, Cut Hands, Fang Bombs, Release the Bats, Important, etc... The Defekts tend to throw something new at the fans with every release, sometimes glitchy electronic and noisey, sometimes damaged and hypnotic post-punky, and other times even venturing into Sunroof! style blissed-out psych scree territory.

I'm not too familiar with the Defekt's backlog but I had to take a chance on this one being called "The Drone Drug" and all, and because it came highly recommended by none other than Roger Mexico. This, being the LP version, came out in 2008 on Actual Noise included with it a coupon for a free mp3 download of the album and an extra track, which might or might not have been on the original CD version (Release the Bats Records).

Well, it didn't disappoint as this is right up my alley of seriously heavy, damaged and hypnotic drone music. Dense layers of thick distorted drone spew from this record like molasses while all the while underlying elements buzz, creak, and shimmer in a constant loop -sometimes even sounding like the LP is caught in a groove- blanketing your mind and coaxing it into a state of disillusioned isolation. Imagine Acre remixing Earth 2, or maybe your refrigerator humming at 1000 times it's normal volume. A very enjoyable and immersing
experience. Limited to 500 copies and fading fast.

Actual Noise is a label out of Olympia, Washington and according to their
website and the Discogs page this is their first and only release thus far. Although it looks like they have a few things in the works. Keep an eye out.

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