Daniel Menche and Venessa Renwick Perform @ Signal and Noise Toworrow, VIVO

Oregonian noise guru Daniel Menche will be collaborating with visual artist Venessa Renwick rounding up the "Animal Mirror" program for tomorrow evening at VIVO. The whole thing starts at 6:30pm but Menche and Renwick probably won't go on until 8. At least this is what I've been able to make out from the website, which isn't all that clear. Anyway, I'm hoping to make it out and don't blame me if I've just given you false information because if I have, I'm going down with you.

Oh, and I sent in a submission to play Signal and Noise this year but was rejected. You can all go burn your copies of
Malleable Shore now...just kidding. There's always next year.

Signal and Noise

Daniel Menche

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