Hitoshi Kojo 'Ezo' 10" (Alluvial Recordings, 2009), Spiracle "Ananta" Cdr (Mystery Sea, 2006)

I've decided to forgo this months' esoteric sounds as I haven't had all that much time or all that much inspiration to get out there and explore and record. Instead I've been working on some Empress sounds at home and at the "studio" (A bit frustratingly) and listening to a lot of the new music I've been getting lately. More field stuff for April though, so don't worry if you're into that stuff, 'cause I still most definitely am. Thus, I've decided to cap out the month with this Hitoshi Kojo/Spiracle post and maybe squeeze in one more post of another gem from the new pile.

Oh man is this hitting the spot right now. Anyone into the scraped metal compositions of Organum or Ferial Confine will surely dig the work of Hitoshi Kojo (aka Spiracle), and this 10" could just be the best thing he's released yet. Hiruko opens with strange creepy crawling bubbly sounds that maybe take a bit to get used too but once you do, you realize the piece couldn't be without it. Then a deeply resonating drone erupts and the track starts to unfold into elongated bowed metal explorations. High and low ends weave past one another effortlessly, bleeding into the B side, Ebisu, where they continue on-sans bubbly sounds-and then get pulled apart, sounding like David Jackman remixing dans le ventre du dragon, the third track on Jean-Francois Laporte's brilliant and underrated Soundmatters release. (*) Ezo is a fantastic 10" and still very new. You can order it from Alluvial and Aquarius for sure, and probably a bunch of other places. Recommended.

And those of you who are familiar with
Wire magazine will surely know of the Wire Tapper, an ongoing series of cd compilations given with certain issues of the magazine. Kojo prepared a special short edit of Hiruko exclusively for the 21st Wire Tapper that came with the April issue.

Download it ------> Hiruko (edit)

The Hitoshi Kojo Timeline

Here's an album from a few years back released on the always engaging Mystery Sea cdr label, who have put great music out into the world in limited runs (100) by artists such as Aidan Baker, Celer, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Paul Bradley, Troum, Coelacanth, and the list goes on. Check out the website and buy the music. Not much I can say about this one other than it's quite a gorgeous slow shifting, if at all, piece of minimalism. A nice album to lose yourself in, with very minor fluctuation to take away from the drone. Noisy but not really, a distant noise...muted if you will. Nice stuff as with all the MS material.

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