Svarte Greiner 'Penpals Forever' Cassette (Digitalis Limited, 2008)

Some of you may remember or have gone back and read the A Room Forever post from way back when I started this blog last September. That was around the time I first heard about Erik Skodvin, aka Svarte Greiner and his brand of abstract acoustic doom. Til Seters, Skodvin's ARF effort blew me away so I immediately picked up this limited cassette (180 copies) from Digitalis, released a month later, which is also quite good.

I listened to this one morning walking home from a busing shift at the restaurant, totally deranged from working the night through, seeing the sun rise and doing shots all evening. The tape player I was using had a subtle yet distinct warble that gave the sound a real bedroom quality, if it gets any worse I think it will start to annoy me but for now... I dig.

The Music-
The opening meandering guitar plucks would come off as somewhat amateurish in lesser hands, but Skodvin manages to blend in a second guitar part and an ominous bassy drone into the mix subtly and gracefully taking the music to other realms. All the elements loop and decay for ten minutes until lending way to a single flute-like tone. Then comes 5 minutes of silence...yes, silence. But it isn't really silence is it? This is a tape we are talking about. The silence is well worth it as the side closer is a really nice deep resonating swell of barely there sonic pulses and detrital manipulation, although ending a tad sudden for my taste. The untitled flip side is a single slow paced crawl, very similar to the A closer, guitar plucks and scraped objects dance over a very pretty two note ambient loop, the fuzzed-out background clanging eventually bleeding through to the foreground and overtaking the track then fizzling out. Solid.

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