Illusion of Safety | Thomas Koner 'Untitled' Split 7" (Die Stadt, 2002)

Here's a teaser by two veterans of 'difficult' sound making. Dan Burke-who also runs the relatively quiet Complacency label-is the Sun to this constantly orbiting solar system of a group known as Illusion of Safety, who have dabbled in just about everything from post-industrial DIY tinkery, blissful ambient, tape collage, weird-o house beats and everything else in between. IOS seem to conjure up a new direction with every release, probably on account of their constantly revolving line-up. Despite this however, and with almost 30 years under their belts and countless releases, they have somehow maintained an oddly present continuity that lies beneath all the madness, bringing to mind Nurse with Wound or The Hafler Trio. Burke has also just released a collaborative effort with Thomas Dimuzio culled from older San Fran live performances. It's called Upcoming Events and sounds pretty good from the samples, although I haven't been able to snatch one yet. Can anyone out there hook me up with a dl for it while I wait in limbo? Much appreciated.

Thomas Koner (Imagine an umlaut over the 'o' of Koner) is a German media/sound artist who dabbles in much more minimal territory: the deep, dark and ominous drooone. And yes, I am very keen on the droooone. I am also, however, relatively ignorant to the work of this man outside of ripped versions of
Nuuk, Teimo and Permafrost, of which I've enjoyed a hell of a lot...well, as much as one can enjoy a pirated version. This 7" then, acts as somewhat of an odd but most certainly cherishable document in my collection, not to mention it is exquisitely packaged- the vinyl as thick as the nine iron from your disc golf set (as if you actually have a disc golf set).

The tracks on this 7" are what you would probably expect from these artists, that is, if you are familiar with them. Although, maybe it's a bit difficult to expect anything from IOS. I really like this, but you better just listen to it and make up your own mind. Limited to 400 copies.


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