Windy and Carl 'Antarctica' LP (Darla, 1997)

This was my first introduction to Windy and Carl's music. I have Mark from Thee Expressway to thank for turning me on to this one, a classic as far as I'm concerned. Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren-who also own and run Stormy Records out of Dearborn, Michigan, have spent 15 years perfecting their brand of shimmery ambient minimalism releasing albums for Darla, Ba Da Bing and their earliest material through their own Blueflea label. The bulk of their releases finding a home at Chicago's Kranky imprint including their last effort Songs for the Broken Hearted, a definite favourite of last year and Windy Weber's solo effort I Hate People split released on Blue Flea and Kenedik, is still in constant spin around these parts.

Windy and Carl are also doing their first North American tour in over 6 years. They aren't coming to Vancouver but will be making a stop in Seattle, Washington so I'm pretty much there. White Rainbow! is opening. Should be a stellar evening. Check out their site to see if they're coming to your town: Windy and Carl official site.

The opening track and appropriately named Antarctica is probably the best thing that has ever been produced by this duo. This is the sound of glacial traveling, of trekking over a barren Tundra landscape, the blinding sun in the form of twinkling guitars force their way into your eyes, blanketing the land in a blinding white sheath. All the while the start of your journey is far behind you and the end is impossibly distant. All there is is a vast open void that swallows everything, the near static pulse of your heart beat is the only thing to cling too, but it too is slowly loosing it's battle with the void. Eventually you make it to your destination, weather beaten and faint, not so sure of the forces at work in this unforgiving wasteland, and the only thing you are sure of is that you'd give it all up to do it again. Traveling and Sunrise are lighter affairs and blend seamlessly into each other. They are like the sipped hot tea after your arduous journey, or the winding car ride home, your body aching from exhaustion and all that's left to do is to gawk at the passing trees from the passenger window. Dreamy drifting guitar phrases, windswept ambient choruses and subdued, ever shifting tonal meandering. What more can I say? Lovely.


Capt. Greencloud said...

Thanks for this- It's hittin' the spot right now - The album's a gracious host in accomodating the sunbeams of Hastings Sunrise fuzzing through my window

a d r i a n said...

Hastings Sunrise? That's my neck of the woods.

grasprelease said...

Just great, thanks so much for this! This duo is something special. Your blog is fantastic, can't believe it took me this long to stumble across you. Great work!