Esoteric Sounds [Seabus Terminal] - Keith Fullerton Whitman 'Darmouth Street Underpass' (Locust, 2003)

Part three of an ongoing field log of captured environments and so on and so forth.

This one's from the archive. I can't remember where I was going or when in fact this is from but it's probably a few years old at least. Mic in hand, I recorded the walk from the street side entrance of Waterfront station, through the terminal and down the escalator eventually ending at my seat on the Seabus.

What you will hear in this five minute slice of a meaningless day:
Flutes, Voices, Escalators, Footsteps, Jangling Keys, Turnstiles, and Mechanistic Drones. I've come across this recording a lot in the last couple of months and have found it stands shaky kneed but firm to the test of time, so here...Oh, and a Seabus, in case you don't know... is exactly what you think it is.

Seabus Terminal


Keith Fullerton Whitman Darmouth Street Underpass

Beneath Darmouth street (Boston) lies a tunnel lined with glass walls, the place in which Whitman decided to actualize his field recording. The glass walls, creating "unorthodox acoustic conditions," give a strange sonic life to the things that pass by them (notice the jangling keys in both our recordings, what are the chances? Probably pretty high actually) There is a second track on this album, a real-time processed reply to the first track using bits of the original as source material. Completed on Whitman's porch at home, nice stuff.

Whitman's Untampered Underpass Recording

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