Giancarlo Toniutti and Andrew Chalk 'Tahta Tarla' LP (Pans'urlo Panseri, 1993)

Giancarlo Toniutti you could write a book about anything. Nobody would be able to read it, but that wouldn't stop you from writing it, would it?

As soon as the microfrontiers become stable, the map-points in a morphologic equilibrium are defined through the bifurcation of the functional field-potential, by very quasi-stable singularities. Next, the map-points begin their own universal unfolding onto the n-dimensional mother-space which is the open of the system's regular points. This is the spatial phase of the mapping which is isomorphic onto the time-space support (fig G).
-Excerpt of linear notes by Toniutti.

I can only assume that your philosophical dialectic ramblings within these pages are an attempt to reveal the process of how Tahta Tarla came to be. And I can only guess that the wire diagrams illustrated in these pages are that of actual environmental musical structures, resonating in the wind and singing subtle scraped tones as they're manipulated. Despite the associative lack of clarity between the text and music, this is absolutely essential drone, rivaling the best work from these two veterans.

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