Kevin Drumm 'Imperial Distortion' 2CD (Hospital Productions, 2008)

Take my lack of a review as an extreme compliment to this work by Kevin Drumm.

And thus, take my only critisicm again as a compliment, to the captivating quality of this music: a 70 second blast of hot static is not how you should have closed the album Mr. Drumm, but I guess it's your album and not mine, and maybe I care all too much about being suddenly jarred out of the trance you so magically put me into and you saying "good luck" and sending me into the real world again, helpless.


Anonymous said...

i love that blast at the end. scared the hell out of me the first time i heard it. now i listen to that last song with fear that it is coming soon

Laura said...

Thanks for the excellent atmospheres!