Rare Frequency Podcasts

Just discovered these great podcasts of experimental music by the radio show/website Rare Frequency out of Boston. Occasionally a really great artist will perform at the station which is recorded and later podcasted, Jonathan Coleclough, Illusion of Safety, Jason Kahn and Asher, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Howard Stelzer to name a few. Great stuff. The site also features playlists, reviews, resources, and a cool "found" section. You can catch the show on the air Thursdays, 7-10pm EST WZBC 90.3fm. Or listen to it online through the link on the website.

Visit it here - Rare Frequency
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Jonathan Coleclough Live on Rare Frequency November 20, 2008.

Asher and Jason Kahn live on Rare Frequency September 25, 2008

*Photos reposted without permission from Rare Frequency

Illusion of Safety live on Rare Frequency Octover 23, 2008

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