Windy and Carl @ The Sunset Tavern, Seattle, Washington 05.23.09

Hopped in a car and made my way down to Seattle last Saturday. I couldn't have imagined on the ride down how incredible a kick start to a perfect weekend + monday this show was going to be. I was about to give Vancouver's big brother to the South a proper visit (no one nighter this time). A looong weekend that consisted of booze, breakfasts, music, record shopping, antique stores, ranch hostels, ferries, Jonh Fante novels and an almost ménage à trois. It all really helped me loosen up and rid (at least temporarily) my mind of lingering depression and non-motivation, a prefect rejuvenation from the monotonous work week. Peaceful and just all around good times.

Openers This Blinding Light

Kicking things off was local stoner rockers This Blinding Light, who when they weren't letting their instruments drone on, played a well rehearsed (really, these guys are pretty tight and you can tell they practice) repertoire of head noddin' grooves ala Dead Meadow and the likes. Can't say I listen to this stuff all that much any more, but I have to admit that these guys were hitting the spot. Oh, and how often does a show get progressively more experimental and more minimal as the night goes on? I wish that all shows were billed that way, throw on the popstars first and when everyone who came to see them leaves, then bring on the weirdo drone acts. I'm all for it.

Adam Forkner aka White Rainbow

I've spent many a time with Prism of Eternal Now and was really bummed when the scheduled Atlas Sound, Valet, White Rainbow show in Vancouver was cancelled due to border? problems. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see that Forkner was paired up with W+C for a few westcoast dates, including this one. No vibe huts this time, but a solid arsenal of floor junk that looked something like an Aaron Davis setup.

Forkner is quite skilled at layering sound, but sometimes has the tendency to suffocate the mood by simply adding too much. That's pretty much how I feel about his performance. It started out great, but after about 15 minutes I wish he would've started taking thigs out of the mix instead of layering more and more on. Still kicked ass though, I really enjoyed it none the less.

my personal recording



Windy and Carl

I can't think of all that many things to say about Windy and Carl's set that don't include the words 'perfect' and 'mesmorizing'. They played for an hour and flawlessly exuded their magical sound into the small venue, hypnotizing the audience. I met up with my friend Amir at the show (also from Van) and we both agreed that we were part of a small minority that had just witnessed something special, something that people need to experience at least once in their life. I literally felt like I was floating the entire time. I'm still working on getting the playlist together so hang tight, but I do remember them opening with The Sun from 'Consciousness' and later playing some tracks off of the new record, and my personal favourite of the night, the sprawling epic 'Antarctica' from the record I posted a little while back of the same name. To top it off, all the tracks were blended together into one long ambient bliss-out set, incredible!

Pretty much cleaned out the merch table, highlights include a beautiful tour only lp and a hand painted poster by Windy. More about that stuff soon. The recording is broken up into two segments. I decided not to cut up the recording into individual tracks because of the nature of their set, but there was one break at about the 20 minute mark where they actually ended a song and everyone clapped. So, I decided to cut it there to make the recording more managable for people. Enjoy.

Windy + Carl

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