Borg (Phaserprone) 2007

Like finding yourself alone on a subway in the middle of the night, the lights flickering and fading as the car speeds through underground tunnels. A state of anxiety driven adrenaline washes over you as the car comes to a jerky unexpected stop in-between two stations. Your mind is too busy to feel fright but somehow you squeeze in the thought of "maybe that's what I should be feeling right now." But you aren't feeling frightened, because as soon as you contemplate the idea of fright you realize that you aren't really alone and that there are actually plenty of people on the train, and that the train is travelling at normal speed and stopping at all the normal stops and the lights are as bright as ever, and that everything is all of a sudden normal again except for the fact that you're listening to this Borg album for the third time through and the menacing beats have now aligned with your subconscious mind and everything else just falls into place.

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icastico said...

Lovely. New to me. Thanks.