Windy and Carl 'Instrumentals For The Broken Hearted' 2009 Tour LP (BlueFlea 017), W+C Seattle Set List and Poster

I'm still feeling the euphoria of that weekend Seattle trip and listening to this has kept me steadily floating on cloud nine. The name of the album pretty much sums it up, unreleased instrumental versions of songs from their last full length release on Kranky- plus one other gem. Long form ambient guitar tracks in the signature W+C style, fans will most surely not be disappointed. Worthy of many listens.

Gorgeous hand painted covers on recycled sleeves in three different versions (but really, they're all unique in their own way), mine being the multi-coloured paint splatter. The other two versions are of hand painted trees, some on forest green and others on white backgrounds. They were all really nice but all together limited to 500 copies. Surprisingly, but not really, Aquarius got a bunch. Those are all probably gone though by now but try 'em!

Hand Painted and Stenciled Poster by Windy

Set List (Thanks Amir and Peter)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the LP -- nice poster too!

mredpopo said...

Many thanks man!