News 07.09.09

The underground esoterica has been busy lately with a small flurry of releases springing up from four modest yet incredible labels. If you were only going to buy a handful of albums this year, you could do a lot worse then picking up these. Expect Scrapyard reviews of some if not all of these in the near future.

Matt Shoemaker 
Erosion of The Analogous Eye
[Helen Scarsdale Agency]
300 copies

Jason Kahn
Vanishing Point
[23five Publishing]

Take All The Ships From The Harbour And Sail Them Straight Into Hell
[23five Publishing]

Andrew Chalk and Daisuke Suzuski
'In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature'
[Faraway Press] 
12 " 300 copies
New Chalk on vinyl!

Andrew Chalk and Daisuke Suzuki
The Shadows Go Their Own Way
[Siren Records]
Second full length for these two excluding their work under the name Ghost on Water

Robert Haigh
Notes and Crossings
[Siren Records]
Faraway Press is acting as distributor for this release by Haigh. Minimal piano for fans of Erik Satie, Arvo Part, Harold Budd. I'd throw in Vikki Jackman too for good measure

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