Tarab 'Take All The Ships From The Harbour And Sail Them Straight Into Hell' (23five 014) 2009 | Jason Kahn 'Vanishing Point' (23five 015) 2009

I can only hope that this post will propel me back into the blog world as I've been taking advantage of the glorious weather as of the last couple months: swimming, camping, hiking, and well basically getting as far away from a computer as possible. I did however acquire a new camera (finally my own camera to blog with) and computer and now feel as though all that fresh air has given me a refreshed musical perspective. Oh ya, and tons of new Empress material recorded that you'll hear more about really soon. So here's to what's been an incredible summer.

'Take All The Ships From The Harbour And Sail Them Straight Into Hell'
(23five 014) 2009
CD - Edition of 500

Junk, dirt, dust, scratching things, found things, decay. This is the Australian based Eamon Sprod's third album, the follow up to 'wind keeps even dust away' also released by 23five in 2007. It seems Sprod has come a long way since then as somehow his music has become even sparser and even more focused. The focus seems to lie more in the urban landscape and not the rural like his last effort. Less flaking branch bark and flickering fires, more rusted metal scrapes (!) and mass rejected commercial detritus. Though there are moments of what could only be the result of isolated nature walks. I love this man's work. It's so peaceful and completely mind enveloping and he always seems to capture many different worlds of sound, as if he's taking us on a journey to all his favourite adolescent stomping grounds, but we get to experiencing it through years of wear and tear. Eventually, a windswept drone fills the spaces between the scrapes, blurring and dulling the sharp edges. Very nice. For fans of anything to do with the the tactile or discarded. Organum, Coelacanth, Small Cruel Party.


Jason Kahn
'Vanishing Point'
(23five 015) 2009
CD - Edition of 500

I got to see Jason Kahn perform live at Activating the Medium in 2008 during a really memorable Californian weekend get away. His set was the highlight of the night for me and after hearing about this publication on 23five I started to get excited about the man's work again. I got to say though, I wasn't expecting this. 'Vanishing Point' is probably the best thing I've heard this year. Equal parts subtle shifting percussive tonalities and Gossamer static (Some kind of aircraft?) + hissing field recordings. The album can seem both a flurry of sonic activity and a static nothingness. Rattling metals bubble up from the void as the static evaporates, giving way to lusher tonalities and a helicopter-blade-like sputter. Finally with only 7 minutes to spare, a short circuited wire spurts and fizzes atop the now docile drone. To think it all started as such a cacophony. Brilliant.

Listen to long samples of both of these on the 23five website and buy them.

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