Chop Shop 'Discrete Emissions' 7" (Banned Production, 1999)

The work of Scott Konzelmann is gritty, brutal, and all together noisy. But there is something else going on in his music, a consistent element of degradation that seems to permeate in everything he touches. Almost ten years before his 08' opus Oxide, Chop Shop's Discreet Emissions seemed to clearly allude to future endeavors. It's blown out fuzzy noise, at times mysteriously dark, brooding and warm and at other times fiercely noisy, is vaguely sourced to "speaker constructions," a tin daguerreotype adhered to the inner sleeve depicting one of these peculiar constructions. The seven inch wrapped inside sun-caked parchment while the whole thing comes literally sealed in a slab of tar paper (took me 20 minutes just to open it). Incredibly packaged.

The A side, a jet engine drone, like a decaying sine wave bubbles up from the initial record crackle then yields to a full on aural assault of blown out speaker noise before being subdued once more by an ominous low-end rumbling loop. Short and most certainly sweet. The B side, the same material, only you have to play it from the inside out, like the way a laser reads a cd. Just make sure not to leave the room or you might return to a broken record needle, as the arm simply takes the plunge after the wax runs out. With that said, these are some essential emissions. Don't miss out.

Discreet Emissions

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