Various 'Lasting' Cassette, C-90 (Pineapple Tapes, 2009)

Some of you may have purchased, listened too, or at least noticed the Foust! release listed on the second to most recent Aquarius new arrivals list titled Jungle Fever, or maybe you're familiar with the man's work already. I wasn't.

The man behind Foust! and the Swill Radio label-started to promote Foust's projects and is also the label that said album was released on-is in fact Scott Foust. It seems Mr. Foust is also responsible for putting together this compilation, released on the Swill sublabel Pineapple Tapes, as sort of a grand finale to the demise of chrome cassettes. So yes, apparently this is the final Pineapple release, tallying in as the 10th release in about 7 years of the label's existence.

I was immediately drawn to this by the names I recognized: Emeralds, Vikki Jackman, and Andrew Chalk and I think I had heard something of Matt Krefting's at some point in my life but I can't remember clearly. Something like 30% of this comp is a cross breeding of Scott Foust and Swill Radio affiliated projects: Foust!, Idea Fire Company, Dead Girl's Party, Karla Borecky and Matt Krefting (Both doing time in at least one of the bands mentioned above while also producing their own solo works for the comp). With that said though, the incest does not in any way hinder the diversity of this compilation.

I dig this for sure. The lo-fi warmth, wide-eyed and bushy tailed desire to experiment, and diversity in musical styles makes for an interesting listen, reminding me of that L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti-Records comp from 1985 with Coil, Organum, Current 93, Lustmord, Robert Haigh, etc.. Obvious stand outs include the Emeralds, Chalk and Jackman tracks (because I can drool over their work forever) but also the Jungle Fever excerpt by Foust!, Ian Middleton's phase shifting Forest Walk, Karla Borecky's spare and beautiful piano keys on Structure, and the epic closing track The Sinking Ship by Idea Fire Company.

All in all, Lasting is a good cassette to get lost in, with cool artwork by Karla Borecky. It's just a shame that there won't be any more. Scott, if you are reading this, why not just give up the pineapple and try another fruit? How about Mango Tapes? or Banana Tapes? Kumquat?...think about it.

Track Listing:

1. Foust! - Jungle Fever (Goldfish Mix)
2. Karla Borecky - Structure
3. Graham Lambkin - Recycle 19
4. Emeralds - Lasting (Music by John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt, Mark McGuire)
5. BRRR - Ditmas Park Excerpt (Music by Dr. Timothy Shortell)
6. Dead Girl's Party - The First Pill (Music by Scott Foust, Mark Krefting)
7. Timm Goss featuring Beverly's Records - Thunder-rum
8. Frans de Waard - Nijmegen Hiss

1. Asmus Tietchens - S.17A
2. Ian Middleton - Forest Walk
3. Vikki Jackman - A Night Sketch (With Andrew Chalk, Daisuke Suzuki)
4. Weyes Bluhd - All and Over (Music by Natalie Mering, Edited by Graham Lambkin)
5. Matt Krefting - Maiden Voyage
6. The Collection Of The Late Howell Bend - Long Fields (Music by Irene Moon, Rory Hinchey)
7. Andrew Chalk - The Rose That Falls
8. Idea Fire Company - The Sinking Ship (Music by Karla Borecky, Scott Foust, Matt Krefting)

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