News 10.12.09

First of all I want to thank everyone who has shown any interest in the Scrapyard up to this point. Ever since I changed the domain and name from the Church of Drone I guess I left a lot of people hangin'. With that said there now seems to be a resurgence of interest and for that I am grateful. Could it be because I am now properly linked from the Aquarius records blog? I don't really know. probably. In any case, thanks to all of you and plenty more posts to come.

Secondly, I am as of now instigating a new upload policy. I've been on the fence about this for so long. At first I didn't really care and linked everything, and then I felt guilty and took a lot down. But now I've made things available once again. So, from now on I will provide a download link for the majority of albums I review BUT ONLY FOR ONE WEEK. So now, the material is like a reward for those of you who follow close enough. Certain extremely rare or long OOP material and very limited run releases will be made permanently available. And upon request I will re-post almost anything for an extra week, but you have to ask. After the two week span, that's it. Down for good.

That's all for now. Have a good day.


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Anonymous said...

I follow you every single day. Many many thanks again. Your blog is one of my favs.