Scott Reber's Other Project...Ordinary Machinery

In 2009 alone, Scott Reber has released at least three cassettes on some very notable labels operating in the American underground: Ekhein, Monorail Trespassing, and Arbor all under his Work/Death guise. Notably, last year's 5-way east coast tour collab cdr with Vancouver's own noise guru Sam McKinley (aka The Rita), and others also featured Reber. Sometime in 2007, or maybe late 06 (not much info out there), Reber started the Three Songs of Lenin label, it seems, as a personal creative outlet for (mostly) his projects. Spewing from this miasmic cloud of creative freedom is Ordinary Machinery, an apparent "field recording" project. Reber seems determined to capture a perfectly bleak urbanized landscape, barren and unforgiving, rife with mechanized buzz, generator churn, far off voices and the occasional lashing electrical surge. Sonically similar to Work/Death maybe, but an entirely different approach. These are the sounds of the everyday, walking to and from wherever it is you go, the typical white noise that most people don't give a second thought too, only slightly warped and pulled apart then woven neatly back together in a way that makes perfect sense. Expect to hear in these recordings what one can accomplish musically, given only that which is in their immediate environment, but don't expect the typically stagnant, background murmurings of your average ordinary machinery. This is so much more.

Ordinary Machinery "Stand While Fields Pass"
(Three Songs of Lenin, C20, 2008)

Recorded while others slept
At Work
Under Highways
Near Electricity and Refridgeration

Ordinary Machinery "Accumulate and Acclimatize"
(Three Songs of Lenin, C30, 2009)

In and Around one Building
Saturday Night. Spring Weekend
Avoidance Proximity
Inch by Inch Scrutiny
No Transmissions

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