News 02.14.10

I just wanted to let people know about a few changes that will be taking effect on The Scrapyard Forecast starting in March. I've often felt as though the blog has been, in its own right, not so much a blog but an online music zine disguised as a blog. Maybe one day it will be easily recognized as so. But for now, to stimulate the idea I'm going to try my best in maintaining a number of regular monthly features/featurettes. In other words, a bit of structure.

The monthly structure will generally look like this (with room left for tweaking):

The Collaborative Network-
Each month I will review an album that is a collaboration between two or more artists with each subsequent monthly collaborative post stemming from the last, as in, one of the artists is carried over to the next post in which I review a new collaboration of theirs with an entirely different artist. Slowly, a collaborative web will form.

For example: If I were to review Brian Eno and Robert Fripp's No Pussyfooting, the following month I would review something like Cluster & Eno's collab from 1977. And the following month a different Cluster or Eno collab. The point is to try and make it all tie together, to create a network of musicians.

The City Sound Journal: An ongoing documentation of field recordings from the Greater Vancouver Region-
This is sort of a spin off of The Esoteric Soundscapes series I did a while back if some of you can remember that. This is something I've wanted to bring back to the site for a while. I'll be looking for contributors so if you live in or around Vancouver and actively work with field recording please get in touch.

Label Highlight/Nu Music-
These two features will alternate monthly. The Label Highlight is an in depth look at the inner workings of a particular label: releases, events, location, contribution, etc...Nu Music will be a post that will recognize work that is happening now, contemporary experimental albums reviewed and dissected.

The Outsider-
The outsider is basically a wild card. This monthly feature could be about anything that has peaked my interest in the month. It could take the form of a compilation review, an interview, a look at a particular city's music scene, a book review, a discussion about album art, an artist highlight, anything really.

Dispersed among these four mainstays will of course be Vacant Tapes information and info about my own musical outings. I'm looking for suggestions, comments, concerns, and contributors. If you think you have something worth contributing each month get in touch with me. Tomorrow I leave for a week long vacation to a remote island to bask in rural life and escape the olympic crazed city in which I live. Bye for now.

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