Solars 'Eyes' (Vacant Tapes 002, 2010)

Well, after much labour and dispute it seems Vacant Tapes is finally starting to produce. It is with great pleasure that I announce the first (technically the second) release, a single sided slow burner from the ever impressive Solars. Seeing these guys live is always so engaging and I am truly honoured to have been given the chance to release this.

The Mexico, Roger cassette is nearly complete (Vacant 001), basically just waiting on the finalization of art work. Keep an eye on the Scrapyard if you are interested in getting one of those and any future releases. I've also just purchased a domain for the label where I will be posting release info, audio samples, news, performance information and more. I'll keep everyone informed about when the site will be up and running. These tapes are going fast and half of them are already gone. Get in touch with me if you'd like a copy or check with Aquarius Records over the next month or so.

C-39, Singe Sided Cassette Tape
Vacant Tapes 002
50 Copies


Kris Charlton - for his efforts towards the production of the first two Vacant releases. Visit Twee Death.

Mark Richardson - who has recently given the tape some air time on his fantastic Pop Dr(((o)))nes radio show. Visit Expressway to my Skull.

For now, to hear a sound sample please visit the Solars Myspace page. Or download Pop Dr(((o)))nes: Episode 36 through the link above.

Thanks and have a great day.


Mark E. Rich said...

Juiced up beyond belief! Glad to hear AQ is all over this shit. Can't wait to hear that Roger Mexico CS. Make sure you let brudder know when that pops up...

curran. said...

I'm most interested in a tape. Sent you an email earlier...