New Vacant Tapes Release

Devoting most of his musical attention as 1/4 of bass & guitar amp-worshippers Nurse, Roger Mexico now branches out to provide us with his first solo outing. His musical prowess takes shape in the form of an unrelenting six-string, where Mr. Mexico has honed the technique of tactfully guiding his trusted ebow over a prepared guitar to actualize his sinister musical vision. Elongated tones and psychedelic squall fill these muscular arrangements, as if harkening to a dreamed up collaboration between Yoshi Wada, Tony Conrad and Broken Flag-era Matthew Bower. Fans of either three will find a lot to like in Poisson.

Mexico, Roger Poisson, C-32
Released August 2010
Edition of 30 cassettes

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Anonymous said...

Adrian, it's Maria(Eng 214)!
How may one obtain a cassette?