Matt Shoemaker 'Soundtrack for Dislocation' (Elevator Bath, 2010)

Can Matt Shoemaker do wrong? Hot on the heels of Tropical Amnesia One comes his debut full-length for Elevator Bath. Soundtracks for Dislocation serves as more than just another notch in the belt of Shoemaker's steadily growing catalogue. The album feels less of a take on the heavy-toned cosmologies of 2009's Erosion of the Analogous Eye. Instead, he embraces a more noxious blend of psychotropic modulation for this new effort, rife with dizzying climaxes and not without a crafted semblance of cynicism. An organic pulse runs through the middle of all of Shoemaker's releases, leaving me scratching my head at how its all done. And after countless hours with his music and still not quite understanding, the mystery, it seems, might just be the best part. With that said, Soundtrack for Dislocation is not to be overlooked.

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