23five : Activating The Medium XIV : Radio Transmissions

Production limited to involved artists
Radio Transmissions : Chapter 1 (re-up)
Radio Transmissions : Chapter 2 & 3


Anonymous said...

I would actually listen to the radio if I could find music like this playing. I'd buy the CDs if I could find a link and load them in the car for the next long trip. BTW, track 6 of Chapter is missing. Any chance of a fix?

a d r i a n said...

Missed that one because of a computer reading error but I was able to get a digital copy of it from the curator. I've fixed the error and re-uploaded the whole of chapter one found through the same link. Thanks for catching that.

a l a n said...

Thanks for the fix. Great to listen to.

a l a n said...

Thanks for the fix; I'm not sure how I caught it myself. I just found your blog and I'm loving what I hear and read.