Recap : Jim Haynes, Brendan Murray, The Pollen Sisters @ Blim, June 9, 2011

I'd like to thank everyone involved in putting this show together including Yuriko, Noel, Mathieu and of course Lucy for her lovely poster design and help in calming (mostly my) nerves. Brendan and Jim both produced exemplary performances and by the sounds of it they had a very successful tour. Thanks for coming up guys.

See bottom for links to high fidelity dual-shotgun mic recordings of all three sets. First and Third photo courtesy of Steve Louie.

Sub-bass and cutting synth lines by Brendan Murray

Radio disturbances, ultra-sonic frequencies, decayed drones, and yes, even fire, by Jim Haynes

Improvised metallic clamor, turntablism, bowed singing bells, and pockets of silence by The Pollen Sisters

Brendan Murray, Jim Haynes, and The Pollen Sisters

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a l a n said...

Excellent performances (and recording) of all three artists. I cannot express how much I enjoy "noise" that is performed with thoughtfulness and subtlety. Repeat listenings will be mandatory.