Local Flare: Jack Jutson - Mother Official + Words by Roe Enney

let one word be the
leader in the V of mi
grating birds

research an imperson
ater in a foreign lan
d and impersonate the
m ordering lunch

[two extracts from at-home writing exercises by Roe Enney: "Native Aesthesia", Nodic Press, 2012]

Jack Jutson - Mother Official 
(Mood Hut Cassettes 001)

Jack Jutson is perhaps best known for his role as guitarist in the Vancouver band No Gold, where he allocates a fair bit of his time as a musician. He's as of late been branching out on his own, with some solo tracks popping up here and there on the internet and now with Mother Official, his first cassette. Being handed this tape from a friend, and told only that it was "minimal", I wasn't quite sure what to expect. What I am sure of, is that I didn't expect to find myself so fully immersed in the six ambient pieces that make up this opus.

While No Gold spout jams that lean heavily on an impromptu Tropicalia vibe, Jutson's music is far more reserved, and in the best possible way. The pieces here, with titles like "Loose Truth", "Mata" and "Sand Boiling", embrace a clarity and introspection through a slowburnt concoction of softnoise and drone oscillation that is unlike any contemporary Vancouver-based music that I've heard. With whatever instruments that are used to create these sounds (guitars? synths? is that a buddha machine?), Jutson injects the pleasantry of warmth that extends far beyond what the cassette medium brings forth. While the undulating tones that are the base to these pieces are left virtually unchanged over long durations, the elements that Jutson interweaves are what really bring his music to life. For fans of era-spanning minimalism, ambient, drone, etc... Beautifully done indeed.

Jack Jutson - Makaw (Extract) by ScrapyardForecast

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