Loops and Loops :: M. Mucci - Days Blur Together

                                                             Taipei Type A
                                                       Taipei              Type A
                                                 Type A                      Taipei
                                              Taipei                               Type A
                                           Type A                                  Taipei  
                                         Taipei                                        Type A
                                        Type A                                       Taipei
                                        Taipei                                         Type A
                                          Type A                                  Taipei
                                             Taipei                               Type A
                                                 Type A                     Taipei 
                                                      Taipei              Type A
                                                           Type A Taipei                       

M. Mucci - Days Blur Together CDR (Tall House Recordings)

As I’ve hinted at in the past, tape music reserves a special place in my heart. The cassette ­– its clunkiness, warmth, and physicality – and the simple and brilliant idea of the analog loop, share equal occupancy in that special place. So when the Canadian musician Michael Mucci got in touch and asked if I’d consider reviewing an album of his that was comprised entirely of tape loops, I was pretty much sold.

What is rather quickly distinguishable about
Days Blur Together, compared to (for the reason of most obvious point of reference) the Disintegration Loops series by William Basinski, is its fullness in sound. While Basinski’s pieces focused on individual loops, Mucci applies a multi-layered approach, weaving three or four loops together to form this sprawling work.

When I think of ambient, I think of music like this. The work washes bleary melodies and lush textures over the listener, while ebbing, flowing, and changing almost without notice over an hour. There is change though, that’s apparent when one smash cuts from the 10 minute mark to the 50 minute mark, but listening for them as the work unfolds is like watching the minute hand of a clock.

There is another element that warrants dissection, and that is the work’s transparency to the tape medium. Basinski’s loops disintegrated, and that was the point. Mucci’s loops, on the other hand, while clearly not subjected to the same lengthy decay as Basinski’s, reveal the medium just the same. Mucci achieves this through imperfection, his loops having a jolty, roughly spliced quality. At times, it’s possible that even
too much of the medium is revealed because of this, which zaps a bit of the mystery and appeal from the piece. However, it's quite well done all around, very patiently executed, and I do understand the ultimate decision to release this on cd and not on the more apropos cassette format.
Limited to 30 copies only. Simple and elegant hand-made sleeves including opaque obi.  

Days Blur Together by mmucci

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