A Paper Doll's Whisper of Spring

Vikki Jackman, Andrew Chalk & Jean-Nöel Rebilly 
- A Paper Dolls Whisper of Spring
(Vikki Jackman Self-Released)

If forced to chose a single release that perfectly exemplified the ethos of the Scrapyard Forecast, I would greatly consider A Paper Doll's Whisper of Spring. As a glistening example of humbleness, musical prowess, and beauty – both in terms of music and packaging – it is exactly the type of album that got me excited about starting the site in the first place.

As merely a place to begin, I'd like to point out that the instrumentation is not listed, and though it's unclear as to what instruments these three may be playing at any given time, what does come through in the music is a sense of three performers playing as a trio, as opposed to individuals. I've iterated this idea in the past but feel as though it's especially pertinent here. It's important in terms of this music because of how spare it is. That's not say it sounds thin, but that every action, every finger pressed on a piano key, every rising and falling arc seems absolutely deliberate, and yet so fleeting.

Chalk and Jackman seldom fall short in presenting art that is the musical equivalent of a lake ripple, or a wisp of smoke. Much like Chalk's work with Daisuke Suzuki, or Jackman's solo endeavors,  A Paper Doll's... balances the intimacy of chamber music with a clear sense of deliberation. These elements are then distilled through a honed minimalism that amount to none other than a work of breathtaking ambience. Excellent. 

Self released by Vikki Jackman, and I must say, it feels very much like her release. Marvelous package design and assembly by Andrew Chalk, as I hope the photos will attest..

Vikki Jackman, Andrew Chalk & Jean-Nöel Rebilly - Wandering by ScrapyardForecast

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