Omake and Johnson "Headiferous Unctabulum" Cd-r

Been really into this lately. As far as I can decipher this is the first and only release by Seattle based Omake and Johnson, which, is actually the moniker of Matt Shoemaker, who's "Spots in the Sun" release (Helen Scarsdale) was one of my favourites of last year, and David Knott who had a couple of things available through the now (unfortunately) defunct Anomalous Records. I had the pleasure of seeing Matt Shoemaker perform at this year's Elevator Bath ten-year anniversary celebration in Seattle. It was truly a surreal experience to say the least, as I had hastily whipped across town by bus in a city I was unfamiliar with just making it there as the first performer was commencing. I dragged myself through the Chapel space doors exhausted and dripping with sweat but so relieved to have made it. Oh, I also lost my passport earlier that day. When I reflect on it now the setting sun's rays gently beaming through the windows as the room filled with delicate drone was well worth all the hassle of getting there.

With that said, here is my take on this great album. Headiferous Unctabulum is a twisted ride of industrial-neo-free-folk-drone wrapped in analogue tape hiss and reverberated field recordings. The album treads many paths but somehow maintains a consistent core. At times metallic drones pulse in and out of gaps of silence but at other times they build atop one another forming a layered wall of muted fuzz. The introduction of acoustic guitar is brilliant. Movements of minimal and repetitive Fahey style finger picking seem to allude to a post apocalyptic world filled with android gunslingers roaming the now desolate rubble of what were once prospering cities. And hey, with the economy the way it is, anything could happen, right? All in all an awesome listen. Nice packaging too, the printed cd-r and insert tucked inside an over sized dyed envelope sealed with a blob of wax. So worth it and so limited. 40 copies. Found out about it through Aquarius, try them, you just might get lucky.


Duck said...

Spots in the Sun is awesome, so I am happy to hear this (and learn who it is!). Thank you!!

a d r i a n said...

No problem,
Ya I like Spots in the Sun a lot. I'll probably review that sometime soon.