Adrian Dziewanski - Archival Anthems C35 (Prairie Fire Tapes, PF040)

I have a new tape release thanks to the nice guys over at Prairie Fire Tapes in WInnipeg. Please consider picking up a copy and supporting the label. These guys work hard.

Prairie Fire press release:

Adrian contacted us this fall and sent some tracks over that we couldn’t ignore. Beautifully crafted dronescapes that create stunning isolated and cold atmospheres.

I don’t know about where you live – but there are times here in Winnipeg (especially in January) where if there’s enough snow and the temp is cold enough, say -45 degrees Celsius, driving around late, late at night is like being on the moon. There is no movement, everything gives off a blue hue, and if you stay outside too long, you die. It’s the best combination of beauty, desolation, and danger. Archival Anthems is a perfect mid-winter soundtrack – the point where it’s undeniable that everything is in a dead state. It’s not a requiem as there are hints of warmth and hopefulness of what is just ahead... perhaps.

At the Crest of the Sinking Sands by Adrian Dziewanski

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